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Who are they, really? It's a question everyone has asked themselves at one point or another.

Your coworker could be just a little off, or your new neighbor's story just doesn't sound right, or maybe your new business partner seems a little desperate for your money. Maybe your potential babysitter seems a little strange.

With all the weirdos in the world, wouldn’t you like to know what someone's past is really like?

It's simple with our service, you can find financial records, bank liens, criminal records -- it's your quick-and-easy background check.

Just type in someone's name and see instantly if they have public records online. Your search will pick up anything from a home loan application to a conviction for sexual assault.

So search now and get peace of mind or see if your suspicions were correct. It only takes a moment to stay safe, but simply trusting someone's story could put you in a terrible situation.

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